Michael Kant

Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Mike. I'm a Web Developer based in Vancouver, BC. This is my slice of the internet.

I like to talk about a lot of stuff. Mostly development stuff that I've learned about and felt like sharing, but also some stuff about board games and other interests.

If you're interested in me for a project I can do a bunch of stuff. Backend and DB design, devops and cloud deployments, SPAs and front-end minimalism. Most of my code is PHP, JavaScript, or Node, and my cloud expertise is in AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean, and that sort of stuff. I've also done a bit of WordPress and Jekyll work, if you're into that. ;)

Check out my Blog and personal Projects, dive into my semi-not-regularly updated Thoughts, or hit me up on Twitter. Whether you're interested in me for a project or just want to chat, I'm always happy to talk.