Michael Kant

Building a Web Presence (with Jekyll)!

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The site is now completely moved over to Jekyll. This is my first time building a blog with jekyll, and for the most part it was surprisingly idiot-proof. Plus, not having to deal with a paid CMS is a small blessing.

That said, I did have one little problem.

Pagination Outside Index.html

Apparently pagination is supposed to work like this:

{% for post in paginator.posts %}
    <h3>{{ post.title }}</h3>
{% endfor %}

And it does, as long as the snippet is in index.html, because I guess everyone is suppose to have their blog posts featured prominently on page one.

As we can see, my main page is a welcome page and my blog posts are over on /blog. I quickly found out that what I want is not expected behaviour.

For now I’ve edited the line to be {% for post in site.posts %} which at least displays all posts. I’ll have to come back and edit with a solution once I have enough posts that I actually need the pagination.