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EE Add-On Upgrade - Primary Category

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In this series of posts, I pick an old add-on and update it to work in newer versions of EE. Not because I want to, but because I have to.


A site running EE2 needs to be updated to EE4. Sigh. It must be Tuesday… The client has articles with multiple Categories assigned, and is using the Primary Category add-on to choose one of those categories to be… the primary category. Clever name.

This add-on was abandoned during EE2 and there’s no clear migration path. But it’s a good add-on with solid business logic, so we want to keep the functionality.


This add-on isn’t crazy complicated, but why do a bunch of hard work if you don’t need to? I found another add-on called WB Category Select which looks to do exactly the same thing, and it was last updated to work with EE3, which suits just fine. So let’s just replace this thing.

A little investigation into the old Primary Category add-on shows that categories are mapped to entries in a simple two column table exp_primary_category. We should be able to install WB Category Select, figure out how it records the same mapping, and then write a SQL query to copy the data over.


  • Install WB Category Select

  • Create a new field for WB Category Select, and set it up with the same category groups that Primary Category had (if any).

  • Get in the database, and in the exp_channel_fields table, locate the field_id for the wb_category field we just made. Mine was 285. We could fetch this as part of our insert query, but since this is a single-use query we’ll never use again - so who cares.

  • Run the following queries using phpmyadmin or connect directly with your favprite DB tool (HeidiSQL is the best). Replace 285 with the your own field_id from step 3.

NOTE: Do not run these queries using the EE Query Tool. For some reason it tries to post multiple times and inserts two or three duplicate rows. I don't know why this happens. Maybe it won't happen to you, but I saw it a bunch of times.

INSERT INTO exp_channel_data_field_285 (entry_id, field_id_285)
SELECT entry_id, primary_category_id FROM exp_primary_category;

UPDATE exp_channel_data_field_285 SET field_ft_285 = 'XHTML';
  • Verify data integrity. You should have exactly the same number of rows in exp_channel_data_field_285 as there are in exp_primary_category

  • Uninstall the old Primary_Category addon.

  • Update all of your templates!

The old add-on uses the {primary_categories} tag, so you’ll have to search through all of your templates and replace that logic. The new addon is a Channel field (I named mine {primary_category}), so the new logic will look something like: {primary_category}{category_name}{/primary_category}

Don’t forget to check your Template Snippets and Template Partials for any hidden away uses of the tag.


You did it. You’re a rock star.